Posted by: alethacs | October 19, 2008

Our Christmas Wish

Ah yes! The wonderful Christmas season of sharing and giving. It will be rapidly approaching and some mega-planners are already shopping. We like to keep Christmas small and not focused on gifts. In our own home, grown-ups don’t exchange gifts and little ones (an idea borrowed shamelessly from my mama friends) get 3 small gifts (a toy, a book, pajamas–idea also borrowed from same mama!) as Christ so received. Therefore, we’re all set.

Gifts from others aren’t necessary–simply spending time with you over the holidays is sufficient. But if folks REALLY feel they want to get the children something (please, we grown-ups need to de-clutter as it is) we would welcome well-loved (used so we can reuse them items) or items you’d like to make. If you must purchase something, please keep in mind that while we especially welcome items made from natural materials, battery operated electronic and plastic toys will be passed on to others. (Some day soon I will hopefully get around to posting why this last is so important to us).


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