Little Guys: April 2009

OK, first of all there are WAY too many little “Isaiah’s” running around.  When I picked that name, it wasn’t even in the top 50 most common.  So we are going to start calling him by his middle name, “Orion.” We’ll see anyway.  He is still 5 years old–oops I mean 19 months, and continues to give Mama heart palpataions on a daily basis.  Last week, it was tumbling down an entire flight of stairs, the other day falling off a climbing board and missing hitting his head on a brick by a hair (guardian angel is definitely putting in over time on this one–thank you, BTW!!).  We have been very busy in the garden lately, and so Orion has been taste testing the dirt, as usual.  Apparently it is flavorful, for he never misses a chance to sample it.  His latest craze is to push around the shopping cart saying, “beep beep,” or chase his brother with any random object to get him running.  He leads Mama everywhere by the finger, commenting vigorously in baby gobbldeygook about what he wants to show me.  Yesterday, it was the three blocks and a great mass of yarn in the bathroom toilet.  Go, Isaiah–er Orion.

Truman, 5, has expanded his baby care repertoire to wiping his brother’s butt, brushing his teeth, and carrying him around.  The last isn’t something Orion easily cooperates with.  His continual question is, “When will it be summer, so we can play in the mud?”  (Wait, aren’t we already doing that?).  He is quite enchanted by the tulips and loves to show me whenever a new one blooms.  He is a story hound–homespun ones are his fave.  He loves for Mama to tell him “Flory” stories–about a little mischevious cat who has a knack for trouble.  And his latest skill is wiping his own butt, thank you very much!


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