Little Guys: June 2009

Truman:  5 years, 3 mo:   Growin’ like a weed!  Content to play for hours in his imaginary world that usually includes trains, fires, rocketships, airplanes, floods or “store.”  Ditto that for outside, but usually includes mud, water, sand, trucks, and if at all possible, a fire!  A few weeks back we had the opportunity to watch a bulldozer dig, and after an HOUR, I had to coax both boys away.  We also took Auntie to the zoo and got to watch the forklift move the stone trashcan.  And how could I forget the excitement of last week when our freind’s van got stuck in the mud & had to be pulled out!  We stayed an extra hour at Spikenard Farm (a biodynamic farm/bee sanctuary 2 hours away) just to see that.  Lest you get the wrong idea, “little Truman” and “little Isaiah” (his dolls) are cared for lovingly  every morn and evening.

Isaiah, 21 mo: “ide, (outside)” “ight (light)”, “erries” (berries), yes, we are talking and adding words like gangbusters, although they are usually missing their first syllable.  He also carries on whole conversations with any interested, listening person, in his own sweet little babbly made up language.  It is clear he is “talking,” unfortunately he is the only one to know what he’s saying.  He pauses for you to contribute, however, and seems very satisfied with himself.  Another favorite activity is leading around any wlling person by the finger, to do his bidding upon arrival, whether to fetch a cup of ice water, reach a lost ball, or simply admire his skills on the slide.  He is quick to smile, gives wonderful hugs & gushy open-mouth baby kisses.  When he discovered that the little green plants in the garden were growing strawberries (a favorite!) just the look of pure joy and wonder on his face made all this time in the garden completely worthwhile.  He is a great taste-tester too, freely sampling from the herb garden.  He especially likes rosemary and any of the four types of mint.  He rambles through the garden saying, “ee” “ee” (eat), looking for all the edibles!


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