Little Guys: May 2009

Change, change, change!  It is so hard to keep up with Isaiah’s 1-going on 5-ness.  He really loves to grab a finger and pull anyone willing to follow wherever he wishes to go.  He describes what he’s doing & showing you in his own little language–sort of a melodic string of consobant-vowel sounds, “mmmjuuooweaahgooshs” or ooohhhseeiuuu” but done with all proper inflections and with the utterr confidence that you know exactly what he’s saying.  It is a treat to gaze in his shining eyes and accompany him on his little adventures.  This week, the 20 mo has decided he will be using the potty–and has done so on several occasions.  Please, can Mama catch up??

As for Truman–he is really getting a kick out of helping Isaiah undress to use the potty.  He is also extremely proud of his newfound ability to fasten himself into his carseat, including opening & closing the car door.  We have also seen a return to major helpfulness about the house, from folding wipes (done just so!), to hoeing the garden–wow-he really gets into this! to being able to roll out ALL the tortilla dough.  It’s like I have an extra pair of hands.  He is ever affectionate and loving, sending Daddy out the door with his “blowing hugs” and Mama off to sleep with an extra set of kisses each night.


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