March 2009

img_2656Wow!  Truman’s 5 and Isaiah is 18 months old this month!  Our little ones have changed so much since our last update.  We’ll just do the highlights.

Isaiah (18 mo):  Monkey See, Monkey Doo everything that brother does.  Truman wipes his face with a napkin, so does Isaiah. Truman digs with a stick in the ground, so does brother.  Truman jumps on the bed, well you get the idea.  It is fun to watch this little tiny person doing all these things!  He is also starting to sign a little bit–really making up his own as we haven’t pushed it very much with him.  He signs for “all done” and “more” and “hot” and “candle” (a blowing out with his mouth–v. cute).  One of his favorite games is to put one of the silks over his head and run around “booing” at everyone.  We call him our little red (or green, or yellow or whatever color) ghost.  In and out is still a favorite, which he has taken to the next level.  There is a nice sized hole in the kitchen screen door which is the perfect place for rocks to go out on the deck, or socks, or spoons.  Likewise, the deck off the bedroom has nice slats which make a nice place to dump socks, or shirts, or really whatever is handy.  Walking to our backyard yesterday we passed a pair of little girls we didn’t recognize playing in the neighbor’s trampoline.  I said “hi.”  My little shadow said “hi” too.  When the girls didn’t acknowledge him, he said it again, louder, but friendly and smiling all the while.  He proceeded to shout “hi” until they acknowledge their little one year old greeter.  We did mention he was determined, didn’t we?

Truman (5!)  Truman is growing by leaps and bounds and has just had a major growth spurt as seemingly he has grown out of pants/shirts/shoes overnight.  He continues to be super-protective of little brother, making sure Isaiah does not go into the street, put something he shouldn’t in his mouth, etc.  T received some dolls for his birthday, and has played with them a bit, but then I realized, why does he need dolls when he has a real, live doll to play with?  He asks to feed Isaiah–which they both enjoy tremendously.  He undresses Isaiah–which Isaiah does not enjoy quite as much.  He cooks Isaiah’s breakfast–literally begs to do this, wants to brush his teeth, wash his face, etc.  It warmed my heart the other day to hear him help him wash his hands by singing a little song he made up on the spot, “We wash our hands, we wash our hands, with the cold softy water.”  He has also informed me that he will still nurse when he is a big boy, but ONLY in the morning when he wakes up, at night before he goes to sleep, and sometimes during the day LOL.  He is a sponge for stories, both receiving and creating, as I often hear him telling little stories to Isaiah (not the best listener) or to his toys (much more cooperative!).

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