Seasons: August 2009

Tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, cucumbers, cucumbers, peppers, peppers, peppers, oh my!  Yes it is the time of the bountiful summer harvest.  And it is sooo yummy.  It is so great to just wander outside and pick dinner.  We have been enjoying the ultimate pesto from our own fresh basil; yummy fresh salsas, and all manner of combinations from our fab tomato/cuc plants.  We’ve also had a bit of sweet corn and even tried our hand at growing garbanzo and red beans.  Truman gets a real kick out of cracking open the bean pods and spilling the hard red beans into a bowl.  And the bright, soft purple flowers the bean plants produce give Mama quite the turn, not to mention the good things they are giving back to our little patch of soil.  We enjoyed quite a run of fresh green beans till the beetles got the best of ’em.  Truman also delighted in watching the cabbages grow bigger and bigger; they certainly made a lovely stir-fry.  And oh the blackberries!!  Isaiah sums it up nicely as he mumbles with a full mouth–“mmmm.”

Sadly, we did not outwit the sqaush vine borers.  We managed to scrape by with two sqaushes, and though they were yummy not what you would call a bountiful harvest.  Not sure if we are going to have much more luck with the pumpkins or gourds.  It looks like St. Louis is now warm enough to allow for 2 generations of the buggers.  I think next year we will have to give sqaush a rest.  Yet it has been such a treat growing our own fresh herbs–2 kinds of thyme, 3 kinds of basil, rosemary, dill, parsley, oregano, & 3 kinds of mint that I think we will expand in that direction!


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