Seasons: June 2009

Today we harvested our chamomile and our dill.  Wow–fresh dill really packs a punch!  A little dab will really do ya!  We have also been enjoying strawberries and blackberries.  Unfortunately, the birds were happy to eat our blueberries before they were ripe enough for us, and then managed to sneak under the cover I finally put over them and so got all of them.  But I’m not too terribly unhappy with our feathery friends as we have nearly zero problem with mosquitoes this year.

Our tomatoes are just starting to ripen, and as they trickle in Truman & Isaiah jostlle to get their share, but soon we will have enough for all.

The raspberries are just setting fruit, as are the squash.  Unfortunately, squash vine borers have hit the plants again this year.  Fortunately, we were able to keep them at bay long enough (hopefully) for the plants to survive.  We had the egg-layer tricked by making foil collars (this reflects the sky, thus confusing their navigation) that we placed on the base of the plants.  While we were busy with an out of town guest, the plants grew (very fast!!), covering the collars, and they lost their effectiveness.  Our constant vigilance was off for about a week and a half, which was enough time for the eggs to be laid, hatched & the little white buggers to eat through the base of the stem.  I found several eating their way out yesterday, on their way to burrow in the soil for next year (Not any more, ha!  But they are hardy– they swam in a salt water solution for hours before I  finally squished them).  In those plants where I couldn’t find the borer, I attempted to inject an organic bacteria into the stem for them to eat (and hopefully, die.)  Our only hope at this point is that the plants are happy and strong enough to survive the huge holes in their stems, which have since been covered with dirt.  We’ll see–the baby squash looks so yummy!


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