Seasons: May 2009

Yikes!  Better update on May before it is June.  Lettuce, lettuce, lettuce–yum!  We are in major lettuce harvest mode–there is enough for Truman to pick to his heart’s content & Isaiah to pick (and try to bury it again).  We have several varieties this year, from a tender romaine to a crispy butterhead.  For some reason, the size of our heads have stayed small, so we’ll be rotating lettuce out of this bed for fall & adding some major soil amendments.

Isaiah is thoroughly enjoying the strawberries (although he must continually be reminded not to pick the green ones!).  Truman is staring longingly at the green blackberries and the blueberries that are just starting to show a hint of blue.  Mama is staring longingly at her sweet little corn shoots that the rabbits have been doing more to than staring.  If we can cajole John the Rabbit to share (yes, he’s tame & named and watches us as we work), we will soon have yummy cucumbers, tomatoes & summer squash.

My pride and joy is our burgeoning herb garden–there is nothing so delicious as a homemade pizza seasoned with your own basil, oregano & thyme–it tastes like the sun!


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